Our trailer mounted hydromulcher is able to get to most job sites whether remote or simply in your backyard with 200 feet of 2-inch hose. With both our cannon and hose capabilities our application advantages are unmatched by anyone in the Verde Valley.

With our ‘Bowie’ 600 gal hydromulcher we are able to:

Re-seed and revegitate barren job sites


Apply mulch to fields and crops


Install new seeded lawns


Whether it’s turfgrass, native wilflowers, or fiber mulch, “We Can Cover it All”



Green Earth L.C.

Green Care

Cornville, AZ

Phone: 928-634-4375

Green Earth is registered with the State of Arizona Register of Contractors license # 140608. State of Arizona Dpt. Revenue TPT#13038975, Dun & Bradstreet #04-777-3510.

Licensed in the following cities: Camp Verde, 89322; Clarkdale, 86324; Sedona, 86336, 86339, 86340, 86341, 86351; Cottonwood 86326, & Flagstaff, 86001, 86002, 86003, 86004, 86005, 86011.

Operating out of a 1/2 acre owned property in Cornville, Az. with; 1-owner. 1-office manager, 8-full time employees, & 2-3 seasonal employees, as needed. Every piece of equipment imaginable & 7 crew vehicles, We are able to respond quickly to job needs.





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